BoxFabric Systems Maintenance Update & Continued Progress

BoxFabric is pleased to announce continued client growth has resulted in expansion to the BoxFabric managed vCloud IaaS environment.  In addition to updated materials for direct sales and channel partners (and resellers) the following are highlights of recent system upgrades:

  • addition of 2 high capacity SAN shelves to our Ottawa vCloud storage
  • upgraded BoxFabric vCloud nodes with vFRC SSD flash drives enabling SSD cache service option for all vCloud customers
  • customer portal in the works and being prepared for beta launch
  • support team is expanding CRM and ticket/knowledgebase systems
  • have updated all pricing and technical materials to aid sales and marketing efforts
  • extended VSPP (VMware Service Provider Program) tier due to client growth

Our team is working on an advanced customer control panel that will allow for real time updates of on-demand and committed vCloud in our 100% Canadian Tier3 datacentre, as well as control of of hybrid-cloud IaaS+PaaS footprint from other providers.