Expanded Managed Services for Canadian Enterprise Hosting

Ottawa-based managed hosting company BoxFabric has expanded its core Canadian hosting infrastructure managed services to include the following basic managed services for all clients.

Basic Managed Services include:

  • basic support/assistance with VMs (setup, config, etc.)
  • backup/restore management (with backup solution)
  • firewall management (rules, config, intrusion detect, etc.)
  • load balance and network management (DDoS, vulnerability, etc.)
  • patch management (os, db, exchange, sharepoint, etc.)
  • proactive 24/7/365 systems and security monitoring
  • critical issue tracking and resolution (notify/track/report)
  • system performance tuning (high-level, standard configs)
  • reporting logs, metrics, admin, and systems support

These above basic managed services are in addition to the proactive BoxFabric highly available (HA) infrastructure environment which is supported 24/7/365 with equipment, configurations, monitoring, and updates to make sure your environment (and ours) is safe and secure.

Additional hosting and enhanced managed services that can be customized, are available for clients who require a more robust managed service.  That offering may include the following:

  • enhanced performance tuning for SaaS companies
  • enhanced issue tech/troubleshoot/resolve
  • enhanced support with VMs (db, exchange, web, etc.)
  • enhanced disaster recovery and business continuity
  • enhanced patch/management (industry standard/custom apps)
  • enhanced detailed reporting on issue/break/fix
  • enhanced virtual CTO availability (systems, infrastructure, recos)
  • enhanced application feedback/consult (best practice, etc.)