Direct & Reseller Hosting

BoxFabric has selected datacentres for their business-friendly international jurisdictions, with strong multi-homed networks, and multiple peering points. Within this global framework, we are able to deliver only the highest levels of redundancy and uptime guarantees for our vCloud, backed by unmatched customer service and support agreements to ensure your direct or cloud reseller hosting infrastructure is powering your business:


  • Tier3, SSAE-16 / CSAE 3416 compliant datacenter, with 100% owned BoxFabric server infrastructure in a dedicated cage on raised floor.  24/7 staffed, N+1 power, N+1 cooling, multiple carrier grade backbones in a multi-exchange location, with 99.995% infrastructure uptime SLA guarantee for all our clients.


Secondary Datacentre – Toronto, Canada

  • Tier3, 24/7 staffed, N+1 power, N+1 cooling, carrier agnostic backbone in a multi-exchange location, 99.95% uptime guarantees.

Tertiary Datacentre – Zurich, Switzerland

  • Tier 3, 24/7 staffed, +1 power, N+1 cooling, 10Gbps, multi-homed backbone, IX-Europe Peering point member, 99.95% uptime guarantees.



Facility Specifications

    Security Protocols:

      • Facility security pre-authorized pass, ID verification, and use of biometrics (depending on datacentre access requirement) to access raised floor, with , additional cage key access specific to BoxFabric
      • Server room security access controls with designated areas, key and pin locked cages, with 24/7/365 remote and locally monitored halls
      • Physical mantraps on facility perimeter with 24/7/365 monitoring
      • Unlimited 24/7/365 physical facility access following best practices

    HVAC & Systems:

      • Redundant N+1 environmental controls (air conditioning and humidity) as per classification of top-tier facility as per Uptime Institute
      • Climate controlled environment for constant temperature (18-24 degrees Celsius) & humidity (measured at relative humidity 40-55% )
      • Fire detection and suppression including active monitoring and pre-warning systems

    Power & Backup:

      • UPS supported environment with 100% uptime guarantees
      • Backup generators in minimum N+1 redundant configuration
      • Onsite diesel storage with supply contracts

    Network Connectivity:

      • Cross-connects to meet me room, 1000 Mbps usage capacity on multi-homed, carrier agnostic backbone for expanding network requirements
      • 95th percentile bursting and billing increments
      • Core and peripheral network engineered for 100% uptime


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