“IDC predicts that worldwide spending on professional services related to building or implementing cloud services revenue will grow 44% over 5 years, reaching $16.7B in 2015. This growth rate is 10x faster than that of the overall IT services market during the same time period”

SOURCE: IDC Market Analysis, Worldwide and U.S. Cloud Professional Services 2011–2015 Forecast


Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cloud infrastructure can enable multiple teams, organizations and business units to securely consume isolated resources from a common, scalable, and shared infrastructure.  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a hosting model in which  organizations outsource the equipment used to support operations ( including storage, hardware, servers and networking components).

BoxFabric owns the extensive infrastructure equipment, and is responsible for housing, running and maintaining it.  Clients can  pay on a per-use or committed basis.  In following this approach, and working with BoxFabric as your partner, you can focus on your core business objectives, while still operating full suite of hosting services for your customers.


BoxFabric vCloud On-Demand

Pay only for the capacity used. Customers can add capacity through our vCloud director control panel for peak times, then scale back when peak capacity is no longer required. There are no long term commitments for on-demand server rentals.


BoxFabric vCloud Committed

Committed server rentals are locked in providing a lower cost per server resource and predictable monthly cost.


Customer Environment

Number of Virtual Machines Up to 120
Number of Public IP Addresses One included, additional available.
Internet Services No limit, multiple per public IP address
Load-Balanced Servers No limit
Virtual Server Management Access SSL VPN and integrated console
Security Per customer firewall via vShield Edge

Virtual Machine Configurations

Virtual Processors 1, 2, 4, 8
Memory 16GB maximum
Storage Up to 15 virtual disks (including system disk). Up to 512GB per disk.
OS Support 450+ guests supported


Our vSphere Cluster

BoxFabric vCloud environments are built on the following technologies, ensuring a scalable, secure, and high performance infrastructure for all customers.

  • 100% HP Proliant server infrastructure
    • 32 server cores per server
    • 256GB memory per server
    • Redundant configurations: disk, power, network, management
  • 10Gbe server networking interconnect
    • Redundant network links per server
    • 20Gb/s aggregate capacity per server
    • 8gb Fibre Channel storage network
    • Redundant FC links per server
    • 16Gb/s aggregate capacity per server on Multi-path WWNs
  • Enterprise SAN arrays
    • Redundant storage array controllers per SAN
    • Mix of raid levels for various LUN SLAs
    • SSD shelf options available
    • Ample growth capacity
  • VMware vSphere 5 Enterprise Plus Edition
    • HA, DRS, Distributed Switching
    • vCloud director self provisioning control panel
    • vChargeback manager for accurate billing
    • vShield Edge options for IPSec VPN, Load Balancing, and edge firewall
    • Supports 450+ Guest operating systems
    • External APIs available

BoxFabric Core Network

  • Juniper core routing equipment in redundant configurations.
  • Multiple IP transit carriers in redundant configurations.
  • Full BGP4 route advertisements & feeds
  • Juniper Enterprise Firewall equipment
  • HP Procurve core switching fabric
  • Radware Alteon Load Balancing equipment