How can I reach BoxFabric support?

You can call us at our priority number, contact us via email, or submit a ticket via your BoxFabric control panel.

Is the Reseller Offering just Shared Hosting, or Cloud IaaS/PaaS as well?

  • You can operate a shared web hosting services product line, capturing revenues transparently as part of your company through our white-label offering, rather than giving service revenues and customer contact away
  • That said, our reseller offering extends beyond shared infrastructure on cPanel and Parallels and any 1st level and 2nd level support.  We offer vCloud IaaS/PaaS for your customers, moving them higher up the value chain and protecting the revenue that is important to you.  Yes, we have the infrastructure to do it all for you. Simply contact us  for specific details based on your unique needs.

What Tier are the BoxFabric Datacentres?

Our datacentres are Tier3 and higher. We do not carry the Tier4 (as defined by designation, and realistically, few ever do.

Instead as part of our Tier3, we support N+1 redundancy on power and cooling and with even higher levels of redundancy on network and security to provide our managed vCloud.

With a specific focus on multi-homed backbones that ensure the best quality global performance, our multi-site footprint enables an unparalleled, redundant topography without passing the heavy cost to you as our customer.

Besides, with 99.99% SLAs, you are getting as close to perfect as possible.

Do you host international hosting clients and resellers?

Yes.  We have clients from all over the world.  Typically we invoice in Canadian funds… but data is international.  Contact us.

How do you price your IaaS / PaaS?

You can pay for a fixed amount on a monthly basis, or you can for what you use (just like Terramark or Amazon… etc. but for a little less given our model… while still using enterprise grade equipment!).  Please see our overview pages on services, and then send us a note and we can explain further.

That said, we are building a nifty pricing tool as part of our panel, and this will be available shortly.

Where can I find your offices?

Our physical offices are located separate from our primary and secondary datacentres.  Visit our Contact Us page for more details.

Which programming and server languages do you host/manage?

We host PHP, ASP, Java, ColdFusion as well as Microsoft, Linux, Oracle and more.

The BoxFabric staff are well versed in many scripting and programming languages including supporting the following frameworks:   PHP 4/5 on Linux and Windows systems, Zend Framework and Perl, Python, Ruby,  .Net Framework 2/3/4+, ASP Classic, VB etc.,  and  Java 4/5/6/7 on multiple application servers (Oracle Weblogic, Glassfish, JBOSS, Websphere, Tomcat, etc)

Are you hiring?

Yes.  Currently looking for business development/sales professionals who know they are awesome and understand cloud.   Also, looking for a support tech who is familiar with VMWare and mid-market complex managed hosting.

Why Outsource your Hosting Infrastructure?

  • options to rent dedicated service equipment in top tier facilities, where infrastructure management is provided as a monthly service separating your responsibilities of your IS/IT staff
  • consolidate your current colocation environment with higher levels of shared service and management, while improving application redundancy
  • grow your revenues as your client grows their hosting infrastructure requirements, while still focusing on your core services (…and we focus on the complex hosting stuff!)

What are your hours of operation?

We are 24/7/365.

Why did we choose our Datacentres as our partners?

  • instead of investing heavily in building our own infrastructure, we recognize our skillset involves partnering to deliver services within another persons site. This way we are able to influence the requirements based on our needs (which are YOUR needs), while offering a gentle reminder to everyone that the most important part of the equation is the customer
  • we offer very high Service Level Agreements (SLAs) that focus on customized hosting infrastructure services you need, where costs are not pre-loaded and passed through to you, and where an evolutionary roadmap reflects your redundancy requirements as you grow
  • we remain more nimble than our competitors, offering only the best equipment, as well as enhanced managed services that can be added to any environment offering a compelling value proposition you can pass through to your clients. Doesn’t this sound like the way everyone should operate?

What are the top value points/benefits of our service package?

  • top enterprise infra from HP + Cisco with full redundancy
  • all-in-one Linux/Win hosting supporting over 400 operating systems
  • outsourced levels of managed services (reduces load on internal IT guys)
  • a model that considers wholesale and/or reseller setups
  • diverse network topography with multiple partnerships and footprints
  • targeted offer for startups and SaaS/ASP companies to remain focused